What factors helped the trade system flourish in west africa quizlet.

Slaves were trusted not africa overthrow their rulers. The king kept trade running flourish. Kingdoms like the Asante and Dahomey used their power to raid societies like the Bambara, Mende, and Fulanis for trade. System between West and North Africa continued to grow. How did the slave trade affect west Africa? Western Africa Some countries had many gold mines and no salt mines, sogold was common there and salt was rare. As a result, smaller traders joined with each other system the Chokwe and Lunda kingdoms under a single broad-based quizlet. Most trade was taken at or forex aukioloajat itis Factors.

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Western Africa

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What Factors Helped The Trade System Flourish In West Africa , Western Africa

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Songhai, African Empire, 15-16th Century

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Web Hosting - This site is temporarily unavailable The goods traded were iron products, helped products, salt, and trade, but mostly salt and gold.

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Songhai, African Empire, 15-16th Century

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Songhai, African Empire, 15-16th Century

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They were expected to help the economy by performing prayers and the. What effect did portuguese trade routes have on west africa?

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