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For employees, it can include overcoming feelings of isolation and managing the boundaries between home and work life. If an employee is seeking to perform some of their work remotely on a customary basis, it would be best practice for the employee to make a formal flexible working request and for this to be considered by the employer in accordance with the requirements in Part 6AA ERA. If any serious ee work from home jobs do arise, then the parties should consult with each other about how these risks can be eliminated or minimised. It can be challenging for managers who prefer face-to-face supervision. However other grounds such as the impact on quality of work, the impact on performance or the burden of additional costs may be relevant considerations. Health and safety for homeworkers Employers have a duty of care for all their employees, and the requirements of the health and safety legislation apply to homeworkers. It is aimed primarily at homeworking in office-related roles or arrangements where home is used as a base for travel. In general, we work at home health and safety recommend that all policies include the following conditions: Having systems or policies in place will help the organisation run effectively.

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Under the HSWA, an employer as a person conducting a business or undertaking PCBU has a duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers who work for the PCBU, while the workers are at work in the business or undertaking.

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  2. Many roles may be, but others may not.

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